Your visit

Important Information for Attending Your Performance

We’re thrilled to finally get the chance to perform for you again!

Our top priority for all events is the health of our artists and patrons. We have been in close dialogue with the health department and other corresponding departments in order to create a safe setting for you and for us that will allow everyone to enjoy events once more.

To do that, we also need your help and would like to provide you with some more information for your event visit:

Current state

For the time being alarm level II is effective in Baden-Württemberg.

That means:
  • attendance at our performances is permitted for vaccinated and recovered guests with an extra test. No test is needed when guests had a booster vaccination or when the vaccination/recovering was completed in less than six months.
  • antigen and PCR tests are not allowed
  • school pupils and persons who may not be vaccinated are extempted (respective evidence and negative antigen test needed)
  • the wearing of medical masks during your stay is required
  • data collection of all visitors is required

Ticket booking and registering your data

Please book your tickets in advance (online or via telephone) using a contactless booking method. The event box offices on site are open.
In order to contain the Corona pandemic and to track any potential chain of infection, we are required to gather the personal information of all attendees to our events.
After you book your tickets, we will offer you printed or digital forms, so that you can collect the information of all attendees. The information will be inspected upon entry to our performance venues. If any particulars should differ, we reserve the right to collect the correct information at the event site. More information can be found in our Data Privacy Statement under item 1 c).
Use of the luca app is supported. You can complete a supplemental registration on site using the luca app.
The transfer of tickets to third parties is only possible in compliance with the guidelines set forth in the State of Baden-Württemberg’s Corona Odinance. Attendance with a second-hand ticket is only possible if the new ticket holder completes a registration upon entry.

Required credentials for your visit

Attendance at our performances is currently regulated by a level system:
  • base level: attendance for vaccinated, recovered and tested guests
  • warn level: attendance for vaccinated, recovered and PCR-tested guests
  • alarm level: attendance only for vaccinated and recovered guests
  • alarm level II: attendance only for vaccinated and recovered guests with an extra test. No test is needed when guests had a booster vaccination or when the vaccination/recovering was completed in less than six months.

These rules apply for visitors 6 years and older. Pupils need the respective student-ID only.

Since we must inspect your credentials to attend our performances, we ask that you arrive early – at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

To ensure that inspection at the entrance moves as quickly as possible, please have your official photo ID as well as the appropriate credentials out and ready:
In the case of vaccination: original immunization card (immunization passport) or original vaccine certificate, with vaccination completed at least 14 days earlier
In the case of a negative test:
· PCR-test result, with testing appointment no more than 48 hours prior to the start of the event, or
· Antigen rapid test, taken that day, administered by a qualified medical professional:
o Printed or digital copy of a personalized certificate
o Self-testing is not allowed!
In the case of having overcome an infection: positive PCR-test result, no less than 28 days and no more than 6 months old

Rules for conduct and hygiene in our performance venues

Please plan more time than usual for your arrival and departure. Entry to our performance venues will begin at 60 minutes prior to the start of a performance.
If possible when arriving, please use the entrance closest to your seat.
All attendees to our events in all performance venues are required to wear a medically appropriate face mask at all times, including during the performance.
Patrons who are unable to wear a face mask for reasons of health, please report to guest services with an original medical certificate. Attending the performance without a face mask is only permitted with this certification.
Please follow proper sneeze and cough etiquette and thoroughly wash your hands. Sanitizer dispensers have also been placed at the entrances.
While on site, please maintain a proper distance (at least 1.50 meters) from all patrons not living within your own household. If possible when in the seating area of the auditoriums, move back-to-back when passing other patrons. You are welcome to remain in your seat during intermissions.
Please also observe distancing rules during intermissions and at the end of the event: exit your seat calmly and in turn, do not pass other patrons and pay particular heed to maintain sufficient distance at the coat check and in the foyers.
Instructions from guest services are to be followed absolutely. Our colleagues are excited to once again be here for you and to keep you updated on the most current hygiene guidelines.
Please note: at this time we are unable to offer any concessions in our performance venues. The booths of our Theatershop are also currently unstaffed.
External performance venues & open-air events
If the weather is uncertain before an event, we recommend you bring good rain protection/a rain poncho. Umbrellas are not allowed, as these would inconvenience other patrons.
We reserve the right to cancel an event on short notice due to excessive rain, wind or thunderstorms. In such a case, ticket prices will be refunded.

Take care of your health and that of your fellow man

If you are experiencing symptoms that may indicate a coronavirus infection (fever, sniffles, coughing, etc.), then you should absolutely remain home and not attend our events! People who have had COVID-19 detected in the past 14 days are also not permitted to attend. The same is true for people who have been in contact with people who have contracted COVID-19 (whether verified or assumed).
You can find more information, including rules and recommendations for conduct to protect against the coronavirus on the Federal Centre for Health Education’s website.