General Terms and Conditions
for visitors of Wuerttemberg Staatstheater Stuttgart

1. Field of application
The general terms and conditions, including the patron rules, regulate the legal relationship between the Württemberg Staatstheater Stuttgart (the “Theatres”) and their patrons / customers (“patrons” or “customers”). They are a part of the contract with the Staatstheater, which becomes valid upon the acquisition of a ticket or the signing of a subscription agreement.
For subscribers, the subscription terms shall also apply.
The general terms and conditions shall apply for members of patron organizations, provided that no variant terms have been agreed upon.

2. General regulations
a) Performance schedules and curtain times
Current performance schedules with curtain times will be announced by the Theatres in the periodic publications they release and on their website. The Theatres reserve the right to make changes, including on short notice. No responsibility shall be accepted regarding casting information.
The Theatres accept no responsibility for information in other publications.

b) Prices and discounts
Currently valid ticket prices are made evident in the publications and displays of the Theatres. The Theatres reserve the right to make changes. Special pricing is possible for individual events (such as special events, guest performances).
Discounts are granted to eligible persons with the presentation of an appropriate ID. This ID is to be shown along with the ticket upon entry; if the ID is not presented, then entry will not be permitted. Discounts do not apply to fees. No right to discounts exists for premieres, guest performances, special events, as well as with online ticket sales.
A discount can only be granted if mentioned by the patron when purchasing or reserving the ticket. Discounts for purchased tickets can no longer be granted after conclusion of the purchasing process.
School and college students, as well as individuals completing a voluntary year of social service and those participating in the federal volunteer service (up to 30 years of age) can receive tickets at a discounted price with presentation of official ID. For pre-sales, this is only valid for a limited number of seats and only for certain price groups; sales at discounted prices are allowed for all price groups at the box office right before a performance, depending on availability (remaining unsold tickets).
Discounts in certain price groups can also be granted for children up to 14 years of age when accompanied by adults, as well as for disabled persons, with the presentation of official ID. For Schauspiel performances, this rule also applies for unemployed persons who present an appropriate ID. Individuals accompanying disabled persons can receive tickets at the discounted price if the disabled person’s ID displays a “B” for the necessary accompanying person.
The Theatres reserve the right to carry out short-term, performance-based discount promotions. Furthermore, the Theatres can change discounts at any time. The Theatres are also entitled to limit or preclude the sale of discounted tickets for particular venues, events, seating or price groups, sales channels, etc.
Subject to printing of the ticket, this authorizes the ticket holder to use all forms of transportation (2nd class) with the Verkehrs- und Tarifverbud Stuttgart (VVS), beginning three hours before the start of the performance for travel to the venue as well as for the return trip after the event. With regards to use of the theatre ticket as a transit ticket, a separate contractual relationship exists between the customer and the VVS, for which the VVS terms of transportation shall apply.
The reselling of tickets at higher prices is not permitted.

3. Reservations, sales, payment, delivery of tickets
a) Regulations for all sales channels
Ticket pre-sales will begin on the dates listed in the publications of the Theatres, according to the terms described in more detail there.
The Theatres reserve the right to limit the number of tickets that can be purchased per person, as well as sales over a period of time, in regard to the release of discount tickets and/or with respect to certain sales channels.
Special policies may apply for group orders.
Tickets can be purchased with EC-card or SEPA Direct Debit, or additionally by using cash at a ticketing window, or by redeeming part or all of valid gift certificates. For online sales, only those payment options offered on the homepage of the Staatstheater Stuttgart shall be valid. In the event of non-payment, the Theatres reserve the right to limit the customer’s new orders or payment methods.
Gift certificates can be purchased. Absolutely no discounts will be given for gift certificates. Gift certificate credit will remain valid for three years. The timeframe begins on December 31 of the year in which the gift certificate was purchased. An extension of the expiration date is not allowed. Cash payment for the value of the gift certificate is not possible.
The return of tickets in exchange for a refund of the purchase price is generally not allowed. No refund will be offered for unused tickets.
Changes in casting as well as other short-term changes to the performance process or situations beyond the control of the Theatres (traffic interference, illness, strikes, weather, etc.) do not entitle the return of tickets. Due to building conditions or the demands of individual productions, certain seats may have obstructed views. This may also be the case for projected texts. Seats with obstructed views can be requested through our sales staff.
If a different work is performed in place of the one that was advertised when the tickets were purchased, then purchased tickets can be returned. If a performance is interrupted, and less than half of the performance has been completed at the time of the interruption, then a replacement performance will be offered or, in case this isn’t possible due to scheduling details or other reasons, the ticket price will be refunded. Any claims beyond that are excluded in these situations; in particular unused patron expenses like transportation or lodging costs, etc. cannot be refunded. The claim to a refund of ticket price expires when it is not asserted within ten days.
Insofar as the Theatres are offering services from the field of recreational events, then § 312b, Paragraph 3, Line 6 of German Civil Code [BGB] shall apply. Accordingly, no cancellation right exists for these services.

b) Ticketing window sales
The daytime and evening box office is open during the hours specified in the regular publications of the Theatres. Tickets will only be sold at the evening box office for that evening’s performance. The evening box office will generally close at the start of the performance.
Credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, VISA) will only be accepted as payment at the box office with presentation of the corresponding physical card.
When purchasing from a ticketing window, immediately review the ticket information (particularly the performance and date) and any returned change. Complaints made at a later time will not be honored.

c) Telephone and written sales
Telephone pre-sale bookings are open during the hours specified in the regular publications of the Theatres.
Telephone or written orders can be used to obtain tickets via either a binding purchase paid for through SEPA Direct Debit or a temporary reservation.
Written ticket orders by letter, fax, email and the online ordering form will be accepted after publication of the performance schedule, up to the start of the regular ticket pre-sale process. Binding orders with a SEPA Direct Debit mandate will start to be processed two weeks before ticket pre-sales begin and tickets will be sent out for a service fee. If ticket requests cannot be fulfilled, then written notification will be given. Depending on availability of tickets, written orders without a SEPA Direct Debit mandate could be considered temporary reservations and confirmed via notification with a payment deadline.
Telephone and written reservations are only made complete upon receipt of payment. In the event of a failure to comply with the reservation deadline, the Theatres reserve the right to otherwise dispose of the ticket. The Theatres reserve the right to charge a service fee for processing temporary reservations.
For a service fee, fully paid tickets can either be sent by mail or held until the start of a performance.

d) Online sales
Online orders are available at the start of pre-sales.
The offer to complete the contract is sent by the customer. With the confirmation of the ticket sale, the Theatres accept the customer’s contract offer under the condition that the tickets ordered are still available upon receipt of payment to the Theatres’ account. If this condition is not fulfilled (particularly because the payment isn’t received within the specified reservation timeframe), then the client has no claim to the ordered tickets.
Only those payment options offered on the homepage of the Staatstheater Stuttgart shall be valid. For first-time orders, the payment can only be completed using a credit card. It is possible to redeem gift certificates using online sales, provided that they are valid and loaded to an active account number for online ordering transactions.
The ticket price for tickets ordered online includes a service fee for each ticket. An additional fee will also be charged per order for shipping or holding tickets. The ticket price (including the service fee) as well as the fee for shipping or holding tickets will be charged together. The reselling of tickets is not allowed.
The Theatres reserve the right to change, supplement or remove the performance or seating offers for online ticket sales at any time and without special notice, as well as to temporarily or entirely discontinue online sales.

e) Postal delivery and print@home
When requested, tickets purchased using SEPA Direct Debit can be sent out for a fee. The Theatres assume no responsibility for the timely delivery of tickets by post. The client is responsible for any transportation risks.
In the print@home process, the tickets ordered are transmitted to the customer electronically.
The personalization of the print@home ticket with a name and date of birth is required for the free authorization for use as a transit ticket that is automatically generated when printing the print@home ticket.
Tickets acquired through online sales and printed through print@home may not be copied. Only the first person to show the ticket at the entrance is entitled to admission.
The printed print@home ticket is to be carefully kept until the event and, when used, may not exhibit any damages, stains or other impairments that would make a ticket check impossible or otherwise impede or hinder it. If the ticket does exhibit possible damages, stains or other impairments, then there is no entitlement of admission to the event or to a refund of charges paid by the ticket buyer. This is also valid in the event of a lost print@home ticket.

4. Data protection
The Theatres treat personal data as confidential according to the terms of applicable data protection law. Personal customer data from telephone and written orders (including email) or from online ticket sales will be processed in accordance with data protection law to the extent necessary for executing the contract, or for taking steps prior to entering into a contract, in an automated process. Data is not shared with third parties for advertising purposes. The Theatres are authorized to make customer data available to external service providers on behalf of the Theatres and under strong contractual limitations, for example to send information or publications.

Our Data Privacy Statement concerning the handling of customer data and the reporting requirements with regard to the handling of personal data according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be accessed at

5. Patron Rules
a) Admission will only be granted with a valid ticket. The foyers of the performance venues are generally opened one hour before curtain time.

b) Patrons who arrive after the beginning of the performance have no right to admission into the house before intermission. They may take their seats during intermission. Similarly, if the signal to return to seats after intermission is ignored, then patrons maintain no right to admission after the performance restarts.
To the extent that late seating can be allowed for certain performances at one of the suitable moments set by the artistic management, admission into the house does not grant any claim to the ticketed seat that had been issued. The instructions of the house staff are to be followed in regards to the time of seating as well as the closest available seat.

c) Moving from the purchased seat designated on a ticket or subscription to another open seat is not permitted, even after intermission. If the seat specified on a ticket cannot be made available due to technical or artistic reasons, then the house staff will assign the patron an adequate replacement. There is no guarantee of a seat for events with open seating.

d) Bringing coat check items to the seats is not allowed by the venue regulations. Coats, jackets, backpacks, umbrellas and larger bags, etc. must be left at the venue coat check.
A coat check tag is given out when items are handed in. When the tag is returned, the checked items will be handed out to the holder of that tag, without verification of claim.
In the event of loss of the coat check tag, items can only be handed out after all remaining patrons have collected their items. In this case, the patron is required to provide the coat check staff with his or her name, address and telephone number and to pay 5.00 EUR for the lost tag. Interchanged, damaged or lost items, as well as the loss of a tag, are to be immediately reported to coat check staff.
The Theatres are only liable for loss or damage to checked items if the coat check staff have abused their storage responsibilities deliberately or through gross negligence. Liability is limited to current value or a maximum of 250 EUR for all items checked with one coat check tag. Exempt from liability are IDs and documents of any kind, credit cards, cash, keys and valuables like jewelry, electronic devices, etc. – particularly if these items are located in coat pockets or any kind of container. The storage of these items is carried out at the patron’s own risk. The coat check closes 30 minutes after the performance. The Theatres are not liable for remaining coat check items after this time.

e) The Theatres are not responsible for missing or damaged items, nor for the loss of property in the Theatres’ venue. Any loss of items is to be immediately reported to the house or coat check staff. All types of objects found in rooms of the Theatres are to be given to the house or coat check staff. The objects will be kept by the Theatres for a period of six months. Beyond that, §§ 978 ff. of German Civil Code [BGB] shall apply.

f) Smoking is not permitted on the premises of the Theatres.

g) The carrying or consumption of food and drinks in the house is prohibited.

h) Photography, as well as video and/or audio recording during performances or special events of the Theatres is strictly prohibited by copyright law, unless special prior written approval has been granted by the theatre management.
Unlawfully obtained images or video are to be deleted by their owner in the presence of representatives of the theatre management. If necessary, the patron can be excluded from attending the performance.
In the event that the Theatres record a performance or event, or have one recorded, the patrons agree to the possibility of having their image and/or voice recorded and that these recordings may be released or exploited with no claim to compensation.

i) Mobile devices as well as all other types of devices that send out audio or visual signals are only allowed to be brought into the house if they are turned off.

j) Children under 3 years of age are not permitted to attend any regular events of the Theatres, unless it is an educational event or tour that is appropriate for children of this age, or intended for that purpose. Age recommendations for children/adolescents can be requested from the sales staff.

k) Bringing animals into the foyer and house areas is not permitted.

l) The Theatres maintain the right to enforce house rules in all performance venues. Within the scope of their rights, the Theatres are authorized to issue expulsions or bans. The instructions of audience services staff are to be thoroughly obeyed.

m) Patrons can be excluded from attending a performance, despite valid admission credentials, if their state (for example strong alcohol consumption, dirty clothing) gives the general appearance of impairing the legitimate interests of the other audience members. In particular, patrons can be removed from performances if they interrupt them, disturb other patrons or have violated the general terms and conditions repeatedly or in any other considerable manner.
Entry can be denied if there is a reasonable assumption that the patron will interrupt the performance or disturb other patrons.

n) In the case of fire or other dangerous situations, patrons are to immediately exit the house through the emergency exits without any detour. There will be no coat check returns during such an event. The instructions of the Theatres’ staff are to be absolutely obeyed.

6. Dispute resolution procedures
The Theatres are neither prepared nor required to participate in dispute resolution procedures through a consumer dispute resolution body.

7. Law
German law shall apply for all legal transactions made within the scope of these general terms and conditions.

8. Date of effect
These general terms and conditions (with patron rules) take effect immediately.

Stuttgart, June 2, 2020