Family performances
For selected performances, children and youth under 18 years of age, accompanied by their parents, grandparents or godparents, pay only 10 € for all seats (Ballet: price groups 2 to 9). These tickets will only be issued in association with at least one adult ticket. A combination of multiple price groups will only be allowed if the seats are next to each other. For information or bookings, contact +49711.20 20 90.
You find all familiy performances in our schedule.
For a one-time cost of 75 €, you’ll receive a 50% discount for an entire year for all price groups and Schauspiel performance venues. With the Schauspielcard+ for 110 €, you can purchase up to two discount tickets per performance.Schauspielcard holders can acquire tickets for repertoire performances at the box office as well as through the telephone service a full day before the start of pre-sales. You can also use the Schauspielcard discount to order tickets for a performance on the Internet once regular pre-sales have begun.
The Schauspielcard and Schauspielcard+ are linked to one individual. With the Schauspielcard+, any companion can be chosen. Premieres, guest performances and special events as well as seats in price group 5 are excluded from the discount. The discount ticket is only valid in conjunction with the Schauspielcard. This is to be shown when attending the performance.
Families with children: Children up to age 15 receive a 50 % discount in almost all price groups when accompanied by an adult.

School and college students, as well as individuals completing a voluntary year of social service and those participating in the federal volunteer service (up to 30 years of age) can receive tickets at a discounted price with presentation of official ID. This is valid for a limited number of seats and for certain price groups during pre-sales and, depending on availability, for all price groups at the box office right before a performance (remaining unsold tickets): 10 € for the Opernhaus or 7 € for the Schauspielhaus and in all additional performance venues.

Disabled persons with a valid ID will receive a 50 % discount for certain price groups. Accompanying individuals with an endorsement of “B/Begleitung nachgewiesen” will receive free entry. More information can be found by calling 0711.20 20 90.

Unemployed patrons will be granted a discount for Schauspiel performances at the evening box office.

Premieres, guest performances, special events, as well as online ticket sales, may be excluded from discount offers.

Please note: Qualifying IDs for discounts must be brought with patrons to the corresponding event.